Think Challenge

Take the Think Challenge to find out if we can save you money on your business telecoms bills – It really is that straightforward!

Sounds great! Tell me more…

Simply choose one of the options to allow us access to your latest bill, and a member of our team will get in touch after completing an audit of your services and charges.
From there, a proposal detailing the level of savings available to your business will be emailed to you.

Take the Challenge now…

Choose option one to provide your online billing information so that we may extract your usage information as accurately as possible, alternatively choose option two to provide paper copies of your bill.

Option 1 – Online Billing



Option 2 – Paper Billing



Attatch your Bill


Terms & Conditions

The Think Challenge is for new customers only who are within the last six months of their existing contract. Line rental can only account for a maximum of 50% of the total business landline bill. Available for the first 500 businesses that apply and is subject to fair use. Minimum spend applies.